Crime and Inequality

Compiled by Walid Chahal  

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This book is intended to provide critical readings for criminology courses. The authors all see crime as both a social and a political process. That is, what comes to be defined as criminal, how society responds to crime and why individuals become entangled in the criminal justice system are often the result of individual and systemic social inequalities. That is crime and the CJS both produce and reproduce class, race and gender inequalities in society.

The chapters in this book take up a number of empirical, theoretical and substantive issues in criminology and mostly focus on Canada. These include wrongful convictions (which are most likely to ensnare people who are on the margin of society), how the police and other representatives of the CJS operate within an institutional and cultural context that, by and large, sees racialized Canadians as most likely to be criminal, that youth crime is really a criminalization of young people who are poor and Indigenous, as well as connecting terrorism to the dynamics of neoliberal capitalism, among others.

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  • Measuring Crime (William O’Grady)
  • Marginalization and Wrongful Convictions (Dawn Anderson)
  • Crime, Justice and the Condemnation and Exploitation of the Young (Bernard Schissel)
  • Understanding Child Hating (Bernard Schissel)
  • The Power to Criminalize: An Introduction (Elizabeth Comack and Gillian Balfour)
  • Law as a Discursive Practice (Elizabeth Comack and Gillian Balfour)
  • The Feminist Engagement with Criminology (Elizabeth Comack)
  • Racialization, Racial Profiling and Racialized Policing (Elizabeth Comack)
  • Towards a Theory of Terrorism (Gary Teeple)


  • Walid Chahal

    Walid Chahal has been teaching in the Department of Sociology at Lakehead University since 1987. His publications include works on critical multiculturalism and education, restorative justice and Indigenous peoples, knowledge discourses and international peace and justice. He is also very active in his community including Lakehead Social Planning Council, Lakehead Social History Advisory Committee, Thunder Bay Muslim Association, Thunder Bay Multicultural Association (as president for three years) the City Anti-racism and Respect committee, Diversity Thunder Bay and the Canadian International Council.

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