Cracking Labour’s Glass Ceiling

Transforming Lives through Women’s Union Education

By Cindy Hanson, Adriane Paavo and Sisters in Labour Education  

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Although the health of the trade union movement may rest on its ability to include women in membership and leadership, little attention has been paid to women-only labour education.

This original collection contains vibrant example of labour education events and the women involved who develop, implement, research, evaluate and facilitate at them. All the contributors speak from first-hand experience with women-only programs in unions across Canada, the United States and the world. They identify the methods used in pursuit of learner empowerment and transformation, and frankly discuss the outcomes. These real-life examples offer practical guidance and inspiration for all who create and support activist learning within unions and other social-justice organizations.

  • Labour & Unions
  • ISBN: 9781773632094
  • March 2019
  • 144 Pages
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  • June 2019
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  • “This book provides unions, union educators, feminists and union leaders with lessons and challenging questions on how to create environments that truly stimulate women’s education and empowerment.”

    — Cheryl Stadnichuk for Our Times (Fall 2019) (full review)


  • Facilitation Training for Union Women: The Saskatchewan Experience (Adriane Paavo & Barb Thomas)
  • Feminism and Transformation: The Prairie School for Union Women (Cindy Hanson & Adriane Paavo)
  • Union Women on Turtle Island: A Conversation (Sandra Ahenekew and Yvone Hotzak, interviewed by Cindy Hanson)
  • Confronting Limits, Pushing Boundaries: LGBTQ Education and Activism (Donna Smith)
  • The Wall: Reflections on a Workshop Methodology (Bev Burke & Suzanne Doerge)
  • The Regina V. Polk Women’s Labour Leadership Conference: Whole Body, Whole-life Struggle (Helena Worthen)
  • WILD in Massachusetts: Leadership Development for a Changing Labor Movement (Tess Ewing, Dale Melcher & Susan Winning)
  • Leaders for Tomorrow: Promoting Diverse Leadership in ETFO (Carol Zavitz)
  • Women Breaking Barriers: Using Education to Develop Women’s Leadership inside Canada’s Largest Union (Morna Ballantyne & Jane Stinson)
  • Critical Love Letter to the PSUW (Adriane Paavo & Cindy Hanson)
  • References


  • Cindy Hanson

    Cindy Hanson is a professor of adult education at the University of Regina.

  • Adriane Paavo

    Adriane Paavo is one of the founders of the Prairie School for Union Women.

  • Sisters in Labour Education

    Sisters in Labour Education are a group of sisters who actively wrote chapters and assisted in making this book possible.

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