Counting Crows

By Jenni Blackmore  

Paperback $12.95

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This collection of stories and poems charts various pathways and detours in the universal quest for love. It’s a journey towards joy which begins with the call of a frog searching for a mate and ends as a woman inadvertently thwarts her own desire as she attempts to construct the perfect token of her love.

Between these two way points, past is tightly bound to present and ready to snap back into focus at the slightest provocation. Needy characters form unlikely liaisons, they stumble over emotional ineptitudes are blindfolded by misguided perception and hampered by too much baggage but eventually routes are discovered that progress beyond sorrow and lead toward sightings of the second crow.

Roseway Publishing
  • Fiction, Poetry
  • ISBN: 9781896496047
  • January 1997
  • 127 Pages
  • $12.95
  • For sale worldwide

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  • Stories
  • Fortunes Told
  • Frogsong
  • Waves of Love
  • dysfunctional story
  • Indian summers
  • Kamekaze Caterpillars
  • Road-House Requiem
  • Charts and Journeys
  • Grasshopper on my Shoulder
  • Returning
  • Atlantic Affair
  • The Gift
  • A Blizzard of Angel Feathers
  • Living in a State of Grace
  • Swimming with the Philos Logos Fish
  • Poems
  • Princess Rose
  • Beer for Breakfast
  • Blind Date
  • Silent Shore
  • Playing God
  • Old Bones
  • Howling Dogs
  • Paper Boats
  • Morning Song
  • Atlantic Low
  • Exist or Exit
  • Great Bird of Sorrow
  • Unrequited Love
  • Search for the Second Crow


  • Jenni Blackmore

    Jenni Blackmore was born in Manchester England and studied art at Stockport College and Salford University. She now lives in Nova Scotia on a small island east of Halifax where she operates The Tides of Tiamat arts centre. Jenni also writes for children, young adults and theatre.

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