Canadian Studies

Past, Present, Praxis

Edited by Jane Koustas and Christl Verduyn  

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Canadian Studies: Past, Present, Praxis provides an overview of the development and evolution of Canadian Studies as a field of research and teaching, from the landmark Symons Report in 1975 to current reflections on directions, relevance and challenges of the field. The collection includes key historical documents – which remain forward-looking and consequential and whose aims and challenges are reflected in present-day considerations of and commentaries on Canadian Studies – as well as new writings that examine the most important contemporary issues and practices in the field, such as its social relevance and political activism, its international dimension and its place in contemporary scholarship. Bringing together historical and current perspectives and established and new scholars, this volume offers a frank and critical assessment of the contributions of Canadian Studies, its ongoing potential and its challenges for the future.

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  • “…a collection of works that speak to the continuing challenges facing Canadian Studies programs across Canada and in international settings.”

    — Amber D.V.A Johnson (Carleton University), Labour/LeTravail (full review)


  • Introduction (Christl Verduyn & Jane Koustas)
  • Part I - To Know Ourselves (THB Symons)
  • Canadian Studies in the Nineties (David Cameron)
  • Canadian Studies as a Collective Scholarly Activity (Jill Vickers)
  • Canadian Studies at the Millennium (R. M. Campbell)
  • The State of Canadian Studies at the Year 2000 (THB Symons)
  • Voices in Search of a Conversation (John Wadland)
  • Part II - A New Rationale for Canadian Studies (Ian Angus)
  • Canadian Studies as a Public Good (Raymond Blake)
  • Historical Materialism and Canadian Studies (Andrew Nurse)
  • The Conundrum of Interdisciplinarity (Mihaela Vieru)
  • Indigenous Issues in the Canadian Studies Context (Donna Patrick, Timothy Di Leo Browne & Mallory Whiteduck)
  • Canadian Studies en français (Colin Coates & Geoffrey Ewen)
  • Part III - International Canadian Studies (Cornelius Remie & Guy Leclair)
  • Canada in Ireland (Maeve Conrick)
  • A Comparative Turn in Canadian Studies? (Munroe Eagles & Jane Koustas)
  • Transnational Migration as a Theme of Canadian Studies (Mark Paul Richard)
  • Embracing Our Creative Instability (Jeff Ruhl & Pauline Rankin)
  • References
  • Alternatives Series


  • Jane Koustas

    JANE KOUSTAS is a professor of French in the Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department at Brock University.

  • Christl Verduyn

    Mount Allison University

    Christi Verduyn is professor of English and Davidson Chair and director of the Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University.

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