Canadian Critical Race Theory

Racism and the Law

By Carol A. Aylward  

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The growth of the Critical Race Theory genre began in Canada when scholars of colour in Canada began to articulate a dissatisfaction with the existing Canadian legal discourse which failed to include an analysis of the role that “race” and racism has played in the political and legal structures of Canadian society.

This book is about the role that race and racism play in the theory and practice of law. It shows how Canadian Black lawyers and others are beginning to seriously consider the role of race in litigation and to develop critical race litigation strategies to address the issue. The author documents how a growing body of work designed to move us beyond theory to practical application, is being developed to help recognize the complex relationships among race, racism and the law.

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  • Introduction
  • Critical Race Theory
  • The Wedding of Theory and Practice: Critical Race Litigation
  • How to engage in Critical Race Litigation
  • Ethical and other Considerations
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Index


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