Blood of Extraction

Canadian Imperialism in Latin America

By Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber  

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Rooted in thousands of pages of Access to Information documents and dozens of interviews carried out throughout Latin America, Blood of Extraction examines the increasing presence of Canadian mining companies in Latin America and the environmental and human rights abuses that have occurred as a result. By following the money, Gordon and Webber illustrate the myriad ways Canadian-based multinational corporations, backed by the Canadian state, have developed extensive economic interests in Latin America over the last two decades at the expense of Latin American people and the environment.

Latin American communities affected by Canadian resource extraction are now organized into hundreds of opposition movements, from Mexico to Argentina, and the authors illustrate the strategies used by the Canadian state to silence this resistance and advance corporate interests.

“This careful and comprehensive analysis of Canada’s economic policies and political interference in Latin America demonstrates in brutal detail the predatory and destructive role of a secondary imperialist power operating within the overarching system of subordination of the Global South to the demands of northern wealth and power. It also reveals clearly the responsibility of citizens of Canada and other dominant societies to join in the resistance of the victims to the shameful and sordid practices exposed graphically here.”

— Noam Chomsky

“Gordon and Webber expertly show Canada’s role in supporting the rise of new, brutal forms of accumulation.”

— Bhaskar Sunkara, Editor of Jacobin

“A vital new resource on a subject Canadians cannot ignore. Drawing on interviews, case studies and in-depth documentary research, this book is sure to become a key tool for activists, researchers and readers seeking to understand Canada’s evolving role in Central and South America.”

— Dawn Paley, author of Drug War Capitalism

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  • Invaluable to many educators as well as investors, activists and other groups desiring to act in an ethical and socially responsible way.

    — The Miramichi Reader, August 2016 (full review)

  • The authors convincingly show that Canada’s southern footprint — whether in Guatemala and Honduras or Peru and Columbia — is significant, expanding, and largely malevolent.

    — Quill and Quire, September 2016 (full review)

  • If we cannot see how deeply enmeshed Canadian capital is with the Canadian state—how “Canadian interests” are considered met when Canadian-based companies are making super-profits, even through violent destruction—we cannot get a sense of how thoroughly things need to change.

    — Jen Moore, MiningWatch Canada, November 2016 (full review)

  • This eye-opening volume should pressure Canada to clean up its lax securities laws and imperialistic foreign policy — and push us all to rethink the unspeakable price of mineral extraction.

    — Nature 548, 28–30 (03 August 2017) (full review)

  • “Coming at a time of growing political uncertainty in Latin America, the volume provides a useful reminder that the future of the region will not only be shaped by the outcomes of domestic struggles, but also through the interventions of overseas actors.”

    — Jeff Goodwin, NACLA, March 2017 (full review)


  • Part I: Introduction
  • Velvet Gloves and Iron Fists
  • Part II: Central America
  • Authoritarian Capitalism: The New Normal in Honduras
  • Mining in the Wake of Genocide: Canadian Corporations in Twenty-First-Century Guatemala
  • Dispossession and Security in Central America
  • Part III: The Andes
  • Canada’s Evil Hour in Colombia
  • Agonies of Mineral Dependency in Peru
  • Tapping the Veins of Ecuador
  • Venezuela’s Threat of a Good Example
  • An Exercise in Cynicism: “Democracy” and “Security” in the Andes
  • Part IV – Conclusion
  • Expansion Continues, Resistance Persists
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index


  • Todd Gordon

    Todd Gordon is the author of Imperialist Canada and Assistant Professor of Law and Society and Social Justice and Community Engagement at Laurier University.

  • Jeffery R. Webber

    Jeffery R. Webber is the author of Red October: Left-Indigenous Struggles in Modern Bolivia.

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