Angry Nation

Turkey Since 1989

By Kerem Oktem  

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Since Turkey was catapulted back onto the world stage in 1989 it has turned into a major power broker and has developed into one the largest economies in the world. The country has, however, failed to peacefully resolve its ethnic, religious and historical conflicts. Today, as the foundations of the ethno-nationalist Kemalist state are eroding rapidly, Turkey appears to be coming to terms with the many sources of its anger, if cautiously and slowly. At this historical turning point, Turkey Since 1989: Angry Nation charts the contemporary history of Turkey by looking at the country’s erratic transformation from a military dictatorship to a maturing, if still troubled, democracy.

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  • Introduction
  • Empire and Nation Before 1980: The Late Ottoman State and the Turkish Empire
  • The Ozal Years: Rupture, Promise and Missed Chances (1980-91)
  • The ‘Lost Decade’: Wars, Crises and Weak Coalitions (1991-2002)
  • Justice and Development: ‘Islamic Calvinists’ Versus the Guardian State (2002-07)
  • Another Nation: Moving Towards the Present (2007-10)
  • Postscript


  • Kerem Oktem

    Kerem Öktem is research fellow at the European studies Centre, St. Antony’s College, Oxford University and teaches the politics of the Middle East at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford.

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