Agriculture and the Generation Problem

By Ben White  

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This book aims to explore the role of generational relations in the reproduction of agrarian communities in their confrontation with emerging capitalist relations.

Generational dimensions are obviously important in the social reproduction of agrarian communities, and deserving the attention of all those interested in agricultural futures, but they have been relatively neglected compared to class and gender. With some exceptions, especially in Africa (Sumberg et al., 2012) researchers and activists have given little attention to intergenerational differences and tensions in rural people’s engagement with smallholder farming, and with expanding corporate agribusiness.

  • International Development
  • Co-published with Practical Action
  • ISBN: 9781773631677
  • Forthcoming March 2020
  • 155 Pages
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  • Not for sale in Rest of world

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  • Generation and Gender in Agrarian Change  
  • Growing Up Rural: Childhood and Youth in Agrarian Societies
  • Generational Dimensions of Agrarian Transformations  
  • The Intergenerational Transfer of Agrarian Resources
  • Who Wants to be a Farmer? Agriculture and the Next Generation
  • References


  • Ben White

    Ben White is Professor Emeritus of Rural Sociology at the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. From 1997-2006 he was also Professor Extraordinary in Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam.

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