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Adorno’s Critique of Political Economy

translated by Adam Baltner  by Dirk Braunstein  

The most comprehensive account of the historical development of Adorno’s concept of economy and his critique of political economy.

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  • October 2023
  • ISBN: 9781773636320
  • 264 pages
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About the book

Adorno’s critique of political economy is the central thesis of this study, which aims to depict the shape, goals and course of the development of Adorno’s thought. Braunstein digs deep into Adorno’s lecture notes, his personal correspondence and other unpublished works to situate Adorno’s thought within the historical critique of political economy. This book shows how Adorno arrives at a concept of economy, which refers to the relationship between nature and society on the one hand and the relationship of society to itself on the other.

Capitalism & Alternatives Political Economy Research & Theory


Adam Baltner

Adam Baltner is a teacher and translator in Vienna, Austria.

Dirk Braunstein

Dirk Braunstein, PhD, worked for the Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture and edited the lecture “Philosophie und Soziologie” from the literary estate of Theodor W. Adorno. He previously lectured in political sociology at the OSI at the FU Berlin, and is now a research associate at the Institut für Sozialforchun. He is a member of the scientific advisory board of the project Friedrich Pollock: Gesammelte Schriften in six volumes at LMU Munich and is on the editorial board of the book series Critical Theory and the Critique of Society (Bloomsbury). He is a founding member of Section Soziologiegeschichte of the DGS.


  • Attempting a Critique of Political Economy
  • Part I The Most Important Marxist Publication on Hegel
  • Objection to the Intérieur and the Sociology of Interiority
  • Familiarity with Its First Chapter
  • Part II The Theoretically Useless Concept of State Capitalism
  • Hatched a National-Economic(!!) Theory
  • Humanity Had to Inflict Terrible Injuries on Itself
  • Garbage
  • The Curse of Writing Today
  • Part III Did He Read Marx?
  • Eating and Being Eaten
  • Point of Indifference
  • Something’s Missing
  • Raison d’être
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgements
  • Afterword to the Second Edition


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