A Love Letter to Africville

By Amanda Carvery-Taylor  

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A Love Letter to Africville is a dazzling compilation of personal stories and photos from former residents of Africville. Much has been written about the struggles of the Africville community, who have been hurt, discriminated against and dispossessed for so long — but Africville is so much more than just the pain. This book recasts the historical narrative to help former residents heal by emphasizing the beautiful and positive aspects of Africville. Amanda Carvery-Taylor organizes captivating stories and stunning photography that express the love and importance of Africville. This book is a warm hug from one of Canada’s most important storied communities.

“Through personal stories and beautiful photos Amanda Carvery-Taylor brings us a refreshing new positive image of the loving and sharing community that was Africville.”

— Lynn Jones, Social & Political Activist, compiler of the The Lynn Jones African-Canadian & Diaspora Heritage Collection in the Saint Mary’s University Archives.

“Delightfully capturing the joy of family, friendship and community like a warm hug. A Love Letter to Africville gives us a small glimpse of what is truly important about the people of Africville.”

— Juanita Peters, Manager, Africville Museum

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  • Introduction and purpose
  • Short stories - A compilation of residents’ beautiful stories
  • Relationships - Stories how people met, fell in love, and what life was like for a couple in this community
  • Family - Family doesn’t always mean blood relations, and Africville is a great example of this
  • Adventures - Living right on the water made for many fun times for kids and community
  • Everyday Life - Africville was not only about poverty and environmental racism; there were joyful community bonds
  • After Hours - There was music, dancing, and lots of joy in Africville’s nightlife
  • Lessons to Carry Forward - When Africville was razed, we lost more than just a physical space. Our Elders carry valuable information to support us


  • Amanda Carvery-Taylor

    Amanda Carvery-Taylor was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her father grew up in Africville, and she grew up understanding the importance of what was lost. The fight to retain Africville’s history has guided and shaped her desire to document and celebrate the community.

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