Happy 40th Anniversary Briarpatch!

We’d like to send a huge congratulations to our friends over at Briarpatch for 40 years of important, progressive and critical writing. We know perfectly well how challenging it is to remain fiercely independent, especially in publishing, especially in Canada and especially if you’re publishing the kind of material that Briarpatch publishes. Doing this for 40 years is no small feat.

If today’s political, social and economic climate — both in Canada and across the globe — is any indication, we need voices like Briarpatch more than ever.

In order to keep doing the important work that they do, Briarpatch has launched a 40-day fundraising campaign. They’ve got some really great incentives lined up, too. For more information, go here, or watch their video below:

So again, if you value critical, independent journalism and thought, show your support to Briarpatch!

Posted on May 23rd, 2013

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