Grey Eyes in the Classroom

Frank Christopher Busch has launched an IndieGogo campaign called “Grey Eyes in the Classroom.” The goal of the campaign is to provide copies of Grey Eyes to underfunded First Nations schools across Canada.

Check out the campaign and donate to it here.

“First Nations schools have an estimated 40% drop out rate (which has improved from 50% in recent years). Still, no child should be left behind. Having content that connects with the student and makes them passionate about learning is critical to improving the myriad social ills that plague our communities. Grey Eyes also teaches the language, culture and fundamental belief systems of First Nations/Native American peoples.

These beliefs include 7 key values that have been lost somewhere in the hidden history of the Indian Residential School era, our nation’s darkest chapter. Those 7 Teachings are Respect, Love, Courage, Humility, Honesty, Truth and Wisdom. Naming them is easy, learning how to apply them into your journey can take a lifetime.”

More about: Grey Eyes.

Posted on September 24th, 2014

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