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One of the Fernwood offices is located in Winnipeg, and as privileged settlers who have grown up and currently reside here, the Maclean’s article that dubbed Winnipeg the most racist city in Canada certainly didn’t come as a shock to us. The violence and destruction wrought by colonialism and poverty is present throughout this city, as are all-too-common racist comments made towards Aboriginal people on schoolyards, by educators, in media comment sections, and even around dinner tables.

The Maclean’s article, and several that followed in its wake, highlighted many examples of the systemic racism Aboriginal people face here.

Over our twenty-plus years of publishing, we’ve released numerous books about racism and colonialism in Winnipeg and across Canada that suggest ways to curb their insidious, destructive effects.

We have compiled excerpts from several of our books about Aboriginal racism, racialized poverty, colonialism, and Winnipeg and we are making it available electronically for free. We see this as our way of contributing to this important conversation, and we hope that this material encourages critical, progressive conversations across this city and across Canada. While the racism in Winnipeg may not be on the front page of the papers, it continues to cause harm to many, many people. So please, share this material with your friends on social media, and tell us what you think.


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Posted on April 2nd, 2015

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