Bill Carroll - Blind Eye Forward

Bill Carroll is a longtime friend and supporter of Fernwood Publishing. He’s created an original song and music video titled “Blind Eye Forward.” Here’s Bill’s description of the project:

“The six-minute production is a minor blues with jazz inflections courtesy of guitarist Wes Carroll (who also produced and mixed the recording).  It includes footage, photos and other images (contemporary and historical) from many social and ecological facets of our troubled world. Teachers and activists may find it of use in spurring discussion and ‘connecting the dots’ to form a bigger picture.  The message combines what Gramsci called a pessimism of the intellect with an optimism of the will, as in the lyric, ‘keep a rose fastened to your chest; expect disaster but hope for the best…’”

Watch the video below.

Posted on May 9th, 2013

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