William K. Carroll

University of Victoria

William K. Carroll is Professor of Sociology at the University of Victoria, where he participates in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Cultural, Social and Political Thought. He is also a research associate at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and an associate editor of Socialist Studies. His current research includes a study of networks of corporate power, globally and in “Canada”, a study of anti-corporate globalization protests at the Summit of the Americas (Quebec, 2001) and a theoretical text on social movements. Dr. Carroll participates in the interdisciplinary graduate program in Cultural, Social and Political Thought and also has an active interest in emancipatory methods of social inquiry.

  • Organizing the 1%

    How Corporate Power Works

    By William K. Carroll and J.P. Sapinski     September 2018

    A highly accessible introduction to Marxist political economy, Carroll and Sapinski delve into the capitalist economic system at the root of corporate wealth and power and analyze the ways the capitalist class dominates over contemporary Canadian society.

  • Challenges and Perils

    Social Democracy in Neoliberal Times

    Edited by William K. Carroll and R.S. Ratner     January 2005

    This book explores the problems and prospects for social democratic governance in the contemporary Canadian context. It provides an indepth case study of social democratic governance at the provincial level in Canada during the 1990s and the early part of the 21st century.