Wenona Giles

York University

Wenona Giles teaches and publishes in the areas of gender, migration, refugee issues, ethnicity, nationalism, work, globalization, and war. She coordinated the international Women in Conflict Zones Research Network and the project “A Comparative Study of the Issues Faced by Women as a Result of Armed Conflict: Sri Lanka and the Post-Yugoslav States” at York University. She is presently involved in an international research project concerning protracted refugee situations. As well, she is a co-investigator of the international SSHRC Cluster Grant: A Canadian Refugee Research Network: Globalizing Knowledge.

  • Maid in the Market

    Women’s Paid Domestic Labour

    Edited by Sedef Arat-Koç and Wenona Giles     January 1994

    Even when done in “public” and for pay, the work of housekeeping and caregiving in capitalist society is problematic. This book shows how the work of reproduction is subordinated and devalued in the marketplace as well as at home.