Susan Strega

University of Victoria

Susan Strega is a Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Victoria. Susan’s areas of teaching specialization and interest include: anti-oppressive/anti-racist practice, research methodologies, discourse analysis, feminist methods, post-structural approaches and violence against women.

  • Walking This Path Together, 2nd Edition

    Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Child Welfare Practice

    Edited by Jeannine Carrière and Susan Strega     July 2015

    “This is a timely book as many child welfare agencies are beginning the journey of implementing an anti-oppressive framework into practice. With several chapters by Indigenous scholars, the plight of our children remains in the spotlight. An underlying message in this book is that if the challenges for Indigenous child welfare can be properly addressed, then those of all other marginalized populations will follow.” — Cyndy Baskin, School of Social Work, Chair of Aboriginal Education Council, Ryerson University

  • Failure to Protect

    Moving Beyond Gendered Responses

    Edited by Rosemary Carlton, Julia Krane, Simon Lapierre, Cathy Richardson and Susan Strega     January 2013

    Failure-to-protect policies and practices are intended to better ensure the safety and protection of children. But as this book demonstrates, these policies actually increase danger for children – and for their mothers.