Susan Gingell

University of Saskatchewan

Susan Gingell is Professor of English at the University of Saskatchewan and co-taught with Lesley Biggs their University’s first Women’s and Gender Studies courses. She currently researches the writing of the oral, and, in addition to publishing many articles, has edited a special number (83) of Essays on Canadian Writing, Textualizing Orature and Orality, and, with Wendy Roy, Listening Up, Writing Down, and Looking Beyond: Interfaces of the Oral, Written, and Visual (forthcoming).

  • Gendered Intersections, 2nd Edition

    An Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

    Edited by C. Lesley Biggs, Pamela Downe and Susan Gingell     September 2011

    Following the structure of the successful first edition of Gendered Intersections, this second edition examines the intersections across and between gender, race, culture, class, ability, sexuality, age and geographical location from the diverse perspectives of academics, artists and activists. Using a variety of mediums – academic research, poetry, statistics, visual essays, fiction, emails and music – this collection offers a unique exploration of gender through issues such as Aboriginal self-governance, poverty, work, spirituality, globalization and community activism. This new edition brings a greater focus on politics, and gender and the law. It also includes access to a Gendered Intersections website, which contains several performances by poets and a Gendered Intersections Quiz, which highlights the historical and contemporary contributions of women and non-hegemonic men to Canadian society.