Roxana Ng


Roxanna Ng is Professor in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto. “Immigrant women” underpins her research interests and activism over the past 25 years. This central focus, the situation of immigrant women in Canada, underlies her other theoretical and empirical undertakings: theorizing the interrelationship of gender, race and class; exploring the relationship between the community and the state; theorizing how sexism and racism are reproduced in higher education. Since 1997, she has been investigating how globalization and work restructuring are transforming the lives of garment workers, many of whom are migrant women from Asia. Another strand of her teaching and research interest concerns the mind and body-spirit split characteristic of higher education. Here, I am interested in exploring, through eastern philosophy and practice, how to develop modes of learning and knowledge construction that take the body-spirit into account.

Roxanna is the author and co-author of numerous articles and books, including The Politics of Community Services; and Anti-Racism, Feminism, and Critical Approaches to Education.

  • The Politics of Community Services, 2nd ed.

    Immigrant Women, Class and the State

    By Roxana Ng     January 1996

    “Students like it a lot. It is readable, although it offers a complex argument. It is practical and speaks to experiences that many (students) have had. It offers a model of what an empirical study using social organization of knowledge looks like.”-Marie Campbell, Social Work, University of Victoria