Ron Laura

Dr. Ron Laura was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and educated at Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford Universities. He is now Professor of Education at the University of Newcastle. His research on the adverse impacts of technological development on health is known internationally. The Perils of Progress is Professor Laura’s 20th book to be published. He has also published some 300 journal articles, presented a weekly ABC radio program on health and fitness education, which was also broadcast in New Zealand, and hosted his own health segment on a morning television program. Late in 1997 Professor Laura was invited to the US to host a special television series on health and environmental issues.

  • The Perils of Progress

    The Health and Environment Hazards of Modern Technology, and What You Can Do About Them

    By John Ashton and Ron Laura     January 1999

    The Perils of Progress calls on the latest scientific research to challenge our society’s largely unquestioned commitment to new technologies. While these have undoubtedly brought many benefits, the authors argue that industrial society’s reliance on every latest technology as a cure-all for our problems is seriously misplaced-in some cases dangerously so. Clearly written, comprehensive in its coverage and meticulously researched, their book introduces the reader to a vast array of health and environmental issues which are of increasing public concern. Despite revealing much that is disagreeable about the adverse effects of modern technology, each chapter ends with a positive and empowering “What You Can Do” section.