Richard Zurawski

Richard Zurawski is a meteorologist, documentary film producer, TV host, writer, university lecturer, public speaker and media expert and personality. He is the author of Richard Zurawski’s Book of Maritime Weather and The Maritime Book of Climate Change. He lives in Halifax with his wife, Susan, and two border collies, Patch and Tasha.

  • The Science Files

    Questions and Answers from A – Z

    By Richard Zurawski     August 2013

    The Science Files is about the questions that listeners have been asking about science and the way the world, nature and the universe works.

  • Media Mediocrity–Waging War Against Science

    How the Television Makes Us Stoopid!

    By Richard Zurawski     March 2011

    We have all, at some point, seen science in action on television. Whether it was a show about disasters or weather, nature or the universe, a science commentator, even a crime show depicting forensic evidence – we have all gleaned tidbits of scientific information while being entertained by our televisions.