Richard Therrien

RICHARD THERRIEN is a poet, researcher, cultural worker, editor, filmmaker, ghost-writer and landscape labourer. His poems and articles appear regularly in a number of journals and he has written reviews for The Calgary Herald and Windspeaker.

  • Accounting for Genocide

    Canada’s Bureaucratic Assault on Aboriginal People

    By Dean Neu and Richard Therrien     January 2003

    Accounting for Genocide is an original and controversial book that retells the history of the subjugation and ongoing economic marginalization of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Its authors demonstrate the ways in which successive Canadian governments have combined accounting techniques and economic rationalizations with bureaucratic mechanisms–soft technologies–to deprive Native peoples of their land and natural resources and to control the minutiae of their daily economic and social lives. Particularly shocking is the evidence that federal and provincial governments are today still prepared to use legislative and fiscal devices in order to facilitate the continuing exploitation and damage of Indigenous people’s lands.