Renate Eigenbrod

University of Manitoba

Renate Eigenbrod is Associate Professor in the Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba where she teaches Canadian Aboriginal Literatures. Renate Eigenbrod’s research interests revolve around theories of decolonization in relation to Aboriginal literatures in Canada and Indigenous literatures globally. After investigating the ethics of positionality, she is presently working on the role of Aboriginal literatures within the larger societal discourses of genocide on the one hand and of reconciliation and redress on the other. She is also interested in community-based literary activities like the Aboriginal writers collectives in urban centres. She is the co-editor of Creating Community: A Roundtable on Canadian Aboriginal Literatures and the author of Travelling Knowledges: Positioning the Im/migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in Canada.

  • Aboriginal Oral Traditions

    Theory, Practice, Ethics

    Edited by Renate Eigenbrod and Renée Hulan     April 2008

    Oral traditions are a distinct way of knowing and the means by which knowledge is reproduced, preserved and transferred from generation to generation. The conference from which these essays were selected created an opportunity for people to come together and exchange information and experiences over three days. The scholarship may be grouped into three broad areas: oral traditions and knowledge of the environment, economy, education and/or health of communities; oral traditions and continuance of language and culture; and the effects of intellectual property rights, electronic media and public discourse on oral traditions.