Michael Anthony Hart (Kaskitémahikan)

University of Calgary

Michael Anthony Hart is the vice-provost - Indigenous Engagement advocating for the Indigenous Strategy, ii’ taa’poh’to’p, at the University of Calgary. He is a citizen of Fisher River Cree Nation. Michael has been supported throughout his life journey with the guidance of Elders from various nations and has spent several decades learning about his own peoples’ traditional values, beliefs and practices. His approach is about connecting with and learning from Indigenous Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers to explore how these philosophies can guide us, transcend boundaries and take incremental steps to change the conversation between different cultures. Previously, Michael held a Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Knowledges and Social Work and was the acting director of the Master of Social Work in Indigenous Knowledges program at the University of Manitoba. He is a founder and board member of the Aboriginal Social Workers’ Society.

  • Wicihitowin

    Aboriginal Social Work in Canada

    By Gord Bruyere (Amawaajibitang), Michael Anthony Hart (Kaskitémahikan) and Raven Sinclair (Ótiskewápíwskew)     September 2009

    Wícihitowin is the first Canadian social work book written by First Nations, Inuit and Métis authors who are educators at schools of social work across Canada. The book begins by presenting foundational theoretical perspectives that develop an understanding of the history of colonization and theories of decolonization and Indigenist social work. It goes on to explore issues and aspects of social work practice with Indigenous people to assist educators, researchers, students and practitioners to create effective and respectful approaches to social work with diverse populations. Traditional Indigenous knowledge that challenges and transforms the basis of social work with Indigenous and other peoples comprises a third section of the book. Wícihitowin concludes with an eye to the future, which the authors hope will continue to promote the innovations and creativity presented in this groundbreaking work.