Meredith Lordan

OISE, University of Toronto

Meredith Lordan, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology andEquity Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the Universityof Toronto, is an Instructor with the Initial Teacher Education Program atthe University of Toronto. A writer, teacher and community advocate, herresearch interests include equitable education, reframing students at risk,multilateralism and education as a human right.

  • The Poetics of Anti-Racism

    Edited by Nuzhat Amin, George Dei and Meredith Lordan     January 2006

    The sense of white entitlement is seen through discourses of “what about us” when issues of race and equity are raised in the classrooms of the dominant. Even when race issues are grudgingly acknowledged there is the politics of moral distancing apparent in the dominant body “playing the race card” through evocations of “merit,” “excellence” and “meritocracy.”