Marwan Bishara

Marwan Bishara is a leading Palestinian commentator, writer and speaker who now lives in the United States.

  • Palestine/Israel

    Peace or Apartheid? Occupation, Terrorism and the Future, Updated Edtion

    By Marwan Bishara     January 2002

    In this incisive new book, Marwan Bishara, a leading Palestinian commentator, analyses where Palestinian/Israeli situation eight yearson from the Oslo Accords of 1993. He lays out the causes of the Second Intifada and argues that peace without justice is impossible. Running counter to the prevailing support for the Oslo process, this book shows how this was in fact doomed from the start. However, Marwan Bishara also invites the reader to look ahead. Examining the demographic, political and security stakes, he explores the avenues that eventually could lead both sides to a just and durable peace.