Martin Khor

Martin Khor is the Director of the Third World Network (TWN) and has led TWN since its inception in 1984. He was instrumental in forming the international network of groups and individuals who form the cornerstone of TWN.

A former economist and university lecturer in Malaysia, Khor has written extensively on matters relating to trade, development, north-south relations, the international financial architecture, the environment and ecology, agriculture, intellectual property rights and threats to biodiversity and indigenous knowledge.

Khor not only serves as advisor and consultant to several United Nations agencies and national and international bodies and public policymakers, he is also a respected and articulate campaigner, advocate and lobbyist on many issues pertaining to globalization, development and the protection of human rights.

  • Rethinking Globalization

    Critical Issues and Policy Choices

    By Martin Khor     January 2001

    Not pessimism, but optimism in action. What can Third World governments do in the face of the globalization juggernaut? Martin Khor sets out practical proposals for action nationally and internationally to shape globalization. His book explains the economic globalization process; shows how globalization is failing to reduce poverty; criticises the West for dominating international policy; exposes the flaws in ‘one size fits all’ policy prescriptions; argues that the South must be given room for manoeuvre; and proposes innovative and realistic policies for the South. He concludes that the whole prospect of rapid, just and diversified development in the South, on which prosperity, an end to mass poverty and the future of the environment, all depend, is at stake.