Mark Cronlund Anderson

  • Transforming Ourselves/Transforming the World

    An Open Conspiracy for Social Change

    By Brian K. Murphy     January 1999

    We live in an age where unprecedented numbers of people have joined organizations and involved themselves in social action. Yet many of us are pessimistic when confronted by the powerful forces of big corporations and big government. This book is for all those community workers, adult educators, and social activists of every kind who want to overcome pessimism and play a part in changing society in the direction of peace, justice and dignity for all human beings. Murphy explains the social and personal dilemmas which hold people back from social engagement. He argues that the various constraints we face can be overcome. Human beings are open-ended ‘possibilities in process’-the missing link between a deterministic past and an intentional and conscious future.

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  • The Westray Chronicles

    A Case Study in Corporate Crime

    Edited by Christopher McCormick     January 1999

    In this book authors from backgrounds as diverse as engineering to public relations are brought together to create a holistic picture of what happened at Westray. From an analysis of the geology of the underlying coal seam to an assessment of the difficulties of pinning legal responsibility on the company, the government or any of the managers, this book constitutes one of the few case studies of corporate crime in Canada. The contributors offer the reader challenging new ways to think about workplace disasters and occupational injuries. Each contributor brings their special expertise to bear in a way that makes complicated issues transparent to the most general reader. At the same time, footnotes and references guide the reader who desires more extensive information.

  • The Socialist Register 1999

    Global Capitalism versus Democracy

    Edited by Colin Leys and Leo Panitch     January 1999

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  • The Skin I’m In

    Racism, Sport and Education

    By Christopher M. Spence     January 1999

    This book discusses the role that sport participation plays in the lives of Black male high school students. As a former professional athlete himself, the author brings a firsthand personal quality to this study. As an educator he strives to counteract the problems associated with students who place sport participation ahead of academic achievement. Dr. Spence also seeks to educate educators to fight against inequality and racism in mainstream education and all of us to fight injustices in society.

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  • The Perils of Progress

    The Health and Environment Hazards of Modern Technology, and What You Can Do About Them

    By John Ashton and Ron Laura     January 1999

    The Perils of Progress calls on the latest scientific research to challenge our society’s largely unquestioned commitment to new technologies. While these have undoubtedly brought many benefits, the authors argue that industrial society’s reliance on every latest technology as a cure-all for our problems is seriously misplaced-in some cases dangerously so. Clearly written, comprehensive in its coverage and meticulously researched, their book introduces the reader to a vast array of health and environmental issues which are of increasing public concern. Despite revealing much that is disagreeable about the adverse effects of modern technology, each chapter ends with a positive and empowering “What You Can Do” section.

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  • Planet Dialectics

    Explorations in Environment and Development

    By Wolfgang Sachs     January 1999

    Sachs is one of the most thoughtful and appealing intellectuals to deal with the dual crisis in the Western world’s relations with nature and social justice. In this book readers-be they concerned citizens, environmentalists, development specialists or cultural historians-will find trenchant and elegant explorations of some of the foremost issues the world faces at the beginning of the new century: Efficiency, the mantra of our times; Globalization, a market inevitability and the juggernaut of history; Sustainability, oxymoron as rhetoric; Development, the 20th century’s great undelivered promise; and Limits, a new principle for the coming century.

  • Neo-Liberalism or Democracy?

    Economic Strategy, Markets and Alternatives for the 21st Century

    By Arthur MacEwan     January 1999

    This book explores important alternatives to the neo-liberal ideology of free trade. MacEwan subjects some of the central tenets of modern economics to close scrutiny. He argues that current policies are delivering neither sustained economic growth nor many of the other things fundamental to people’s well-being. MacEwan argues forcefully that it is possible to construct a democratically controlled economic strategy which both delivers growth and meets everyone’s needs on a basis of equality.

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  • Myth, Migration and the Making of Memory

    Scotia and Nova Scotia, c.1700-1990

    Edited by Marjory Harper and Michael E. Vance     January 1999

    The essays in this volume, which are drawn from a wide range of disciplines, challenge us to consider critically the commonly held assumption that Nova Scotia is essentially Scottish in character. They do so by exploring the origin of the mythic understanding of the link between Scotland and Nova Scotia, by expanding the examination of Scottish influences from the customary focus on Highland migrants to also include mercantile, philanthropic and professional transatlantic connections, and by studying how the memory of the links between the sending and receiving societies has been maintained in the oral and literary traditions. Rather than denying the legitimacy of popular perceptions, this collection points to the varied and complex transatlantic relationship that has existed between Scotland and Nova Scotia and provides the foundation for a broader, more sophisticated, approach to this rich subject.

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  • Mothering for the State

    The Paradox of Fostering

    By Baukje (Bo) Miedema     January 1999

    Foster care is the most important component of child welfare services in Canada. Currently, foster care services are portrayed negatively with a continuous stream of stories in the media about poor foster care services. But who are foster care givers and what happens to a family when a foster child enters their family? Baukje (Bo) Miedema’s research reveals that the most important care giver in foster care is the foster mother. Why do these women care for seriously traumatized children on a 24 hour basis without a wage? This book tells the story of twenty foster mothers and their daily activities. Their stories are surprising, troubling and heart warming.

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  • Men and Power

    Edited by Joseph Kuypers     January 1999

    Ten men examine how masculinity in contemporary society is connected to power. The questions these authors ask and answer are critical. What is power? Is power always “at someone else’s expense” or can power be healthy and affirming? How is masculinity constructed to include power? Who suffers and who benefits from this gendered power? How are men both beneficiaries and victims of the cultural expectation to be powerful. And what are the alternatives if men seek to reject this power imperative? From their perspectives as philosophers or psychologists, as playwrights or Buddhists, as gender activists or simply curious observers of modern men, the authors unfold a rich ethical and intellectual territory. Individually they struggle to reveal something of the deep reaches that are part of being a man. Individually they face squarely the troublesome and dangerous elements of power. And collectively they leave the reader cautiously optimistic that men can do something substantially different with their attachments to power.

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