Marita Moll

Marita Moll is an educational researcher and freelance writer with an extensive background in planning and managing research projects and dissemination of results. Current interests include public education - learning and working conditions, technology and society, citizenship education, social cohesion.

  • Tech High

    Globalization and the Future of Canadian Education

    Edited by Marita Moll     January 1997

    This collaboration of critical essays on the computerization of Canada’s schools examines the current technological revolution in the broader perspective of globalization and the neo-liberal agenda. The authors question the assumptions that technologically-enhanced education will save money, help students and teachers, and create a generation of well-paid knowledge workers. Computers may inform, but only teachers can help students analyze and interpret this information. The authors call for a slowdown in the rapid introduction of information technology, so that its dangers as well as potential advantages can be adequately discussed.