Margaret Harry

Saint Mary’s University

Margaret Harry teaches English and Linguistics at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, specializing in the History of the English Language, particularly Old and Middle English, and also in Folklore. She has made several appearances on local television and radio discussing the folklore and language of the Maritimes. She also teaches Science Fiction.

  • The English Language in Nova Scotia

    Essays on Past and Present Developments in English across the Province

    Edited by Lilian Falk and Margaret Harry     January 1999

    Can we offer you some Patti-pans? Some fungee or lassybread? How about a derasifying padana?

    Before you absquotilate in a dander, come aboard of this anthology, and explore some of the fascinating ways in which the English language has developed in Nova Scotia. This book covers such topics as pronunciation, semantics, grammatical structures, language contact, dialect features, ethnic and gender roles. nicknames, and place names.

    A Roseway Book