Lorraine Greaves

Lorraine Greaves is the Executive Director of the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has played a pioneering role in addressing neglected and emerging women’s health issues - such as addictions, tobacco use, mental health, and violence against women - in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way. Her leadership in bridging biomedical and social sciences, and integrating sex and gender analysis into Canadian health research, is recognized internationally.

  • The Dome of Silence

    Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport

    By Lorraine Greaves, Olena Hankivsky and Sandra Kirby     January 2000

    This book brings violence in sport to life through athletes’ own stories of abuse. The authors scrutinize the values underlying sport by examining the contradictory experiences of Canada’s elite athletes. Values such as competition, compulsory heterosexuality and patriotism are analyzed for their effects on athletes, coaches and the culture of sport. The authors recommend revamping these values in order to create a more ethical and caring sport scene for all. They describe changes that have been made by sports organizations and point to further steps that need to be taken by all who participate in organized sport.

  • Smoke Screen

    Women’s Smoking and Social Control

    By Lorraine Greaves     January 1996

    Smoke Screen looks at the range of ways in which tobacco affects women: the evolution of cultural pressures on women’s smoking; the meanings of smoking to women; the benefits for socities of keeping women smoking; and the impact of health and tobacco policy on women’s smoking prevention and cessation.