Lisa Price

Simon Fraser University

Lisa Price has taught in Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University and has been a Research Associate at the Women’s Research Centre.

  • Feminist Frameworks

    Building Theory on Violence Against Women

    By Lisa Price     January 2005

    This text offers a wide-ranging review of feminist understandings of violence against women. It is founded on a bedrock of radical feminism, which offers the most comprehensive analysis of the nature and meanings of men’s violence against women and children. The book examines feminist analyses in a number of broad areas, including debates around the definition and origins of male violence, critiques of sex and sexuality, the intersection of racism and sexism in some forms of sexualized violence, the extent to which male perpetrators act out of choice and hence should be held accountable, and feminism’s relation to law. When viewed together, these streams of thought offer a thorough, though not exhaustive, précis of the feminist work undertaken to date to explain men’s violence against women.