Linda Little

Linda Little’s novels include Scotch River (2006), which won the Raddall Atlantic Fiction Prize, and Strong Hollow (2001), which was nominated for the First Novel Award. She has published short stories in The Penguin Book of Short Stories by Canadian Women, among others. She lives in River John, Nova Scotia.

  • Grist

    By Linda Little     March 2014

    Penelope MacLaughlin marries a miller and gradually discovers he is not as she imagined. Penelope struggles with loss and isolation, and suffers the gradual erosion of her sense of self. A series of betrayals leaves her with nothing but the mill and her determination to save her grandchildren from their disturbed father. While she can prepare her grandsons for independence, her granddaughter is too young and so receives the greater gift: the story that made them all.

    A Roseway Book