Larbi Bouguerra

Tunis University

MOHAMED LARBI BOUGUERRA is a former professor at the science faculty of Tunis University and a former associate director of research at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

  • Water Under Threat

    By Larbi Bouguerra     January 2006

    This richly documented book asks the major questions about the enormously important political and geostrategic issue of water. Does water have a price? Is it a right or a need? Is there a water crisis? Will wars be fought over water? Should we be worried about water pollution? Can available technological solutions keep pollution under control? It also provides some elements of an answer. It shows the ways in which water is used and managed, and raises central issues about our lifestyles, our ethics and our relationship to nature and the biosphere. It makes the case for a society that is more economical with water and calls for global management of water resources in a spirit of solidarity, openness and respect for the rules of democracy.