Koen de Feyter

Koen de Feyter is a lawyer who teaches international law at the universities of Antwerp and Maastricht. He has taught and researched for many years on human rights and development issues and has field work experience in Central Africa, the Philippines, Brazil and Northern Ireland.

  • Human Rights

    Social Justice in the Age of the Market

    By Koen de Feyter     January 2005

    Rampant market economics has led to violations of human rights. Koen de Feyter questions how far the international human rights system provides effective protection against the adverse effects of globalization. His innovative suggestions for improving the human rights system include rethinking the states’ obligations, creating human rights responsibilities for big companies and international financial institutions and developing human rights obligations for states beyond their own national territories. In explaining the relevance of a human rights approach for combating the downsides of globalization, he reveals the potential for a strategic alliance among human rights activists and participants in the anti-globalization and development movements.