Kim Atwood

Kim Atwood was born in 1960 in rural Southwestern Nova Scotia. A printmaker, she has also pursued a varied career in the fishing industry, which included hand-lining, peddling fish from the back of her car, fish farming, and setting up and running a salmon smoking operation. She still lives on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, with her daughter and partner.

  • Two of Me

    By Kim Atwood     January 1991

    “As a therapist, I keep an eye out for creative works which capture the truth of childhood trauma or of the healing process. Kim Atwood’s book, Two of Me, is rich and full in its detailed description of the imaginative and real world of a young girl-child growing up in a fishing village on the seacoast; it is unflinching in its portrayal of the violence and chaos which reign in the home of an alcoholic parent. Atwood’s characters reveal themselves in page after page of simple, everyday, yet powerfully evocative dialogue.” –Toni Ann Laidlaw, Ph.D., Feminist Therapist, Professor–Dalhousie University, Co-Author of Healing Voices: Feminist Approaches to Therapy with Women

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