Kierstin Hatt

Kierstin Hatt is Associate Professor of Sociology at Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta. She received a MA, International Development Studies, from Saint Mary’s University and a PhD in Sociology from McGill University in 2001.

Her teaching interests include social anthropology, sociology of global development, sex, gender and society, and environmental sociology. Kierstin’s research interests are in multi/inter/trans-disciplinary, development, gender and environment, with a strong interest in midwifery. Her most recent research was on the Costa Rican banana industry. This examined the Costa Rican banana industry as a socio-cultural, political-economic, and environmental system that operates at the local, national and international levels.

Kierstin is editor, with Debra Davidson, of Consuming Sustainability: Critical Social Analyses of Ecological Change. She has also written on the workers and environmental degradation in Costa Rican banana industry.

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