Kathleen Tudor

Kathleen K. Tudor was born in a large fishing family on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Kathleen taught English literature and creative writing for twenty years. After her retirement she established Roseway Publishing, which for seventeen years published many award-winning Nova Scotian writers. In 1997 she founded Community Books, a self-publishing company, which still publishes writers from east to west in Canada. In 1992, her novel, Getting Away, was published. Kathleen has published a number of short stories, some of which were read on the CBC and the BBC. She continues to write.

  • Deep Roots

    By Kathleen Tudor     September 2009

    It’s the early 1950s, and Ira and Lydia Hardy, in their 70s, join their neighbours and large family to face the challenge of their lives. The government has chosen their fishing community for the construction of a provincial park. The community rallies against the plan, encouraged by Ira’s gentle and persistent efforts and those of his radical daughter Sal, home from college to help in the protest. Between lively gatherings in the family home in Collupy Point, Ira tramps across woodlands, picks flowers, cuts wood and, when the season begins, goes fishing. He and his three-year-old granddaughter Rosie become close friends, her amusing ways relieving the fear in his heart. When the first house in the village is torn down to make way for the park, the community persists despite little hope of success.

    A Roseway Book
  • In the Open

    Women Survivors of Abuse Tell Their Stories

    Edited by Kathleen Tudor     January 1996

    “Like all the women who took part in this book, I have a message for you. Please remember that no matter how desperate and hopeless your situation may get, there is a way out. I found my way out and for the first time in nine years I feel free!

    A Roseway Book