Kathleen Sexsmith

University of Oxford

KATHLEEN SEXSMITH is studying international development at the University of Oxford.

  • Doing Community Economic Development

    Edited by John Loxley, Kathleen Sexsmith and Jim Silver     January 2007

    Challenging traditional notions of development, these essays critically examine bottom-up, community economic development strategies in a wide variety of contexts: as a means of improving lives in northern, rural and inner-city settings; shaped and driven by women and by Aboriginal people; aimed at employment creation for the most marginalized. most authors have employed a participatory research methodology. The essays are the product of a broader, three-year community-university research collaboration with a focus on the strengths and difficulties of participatory, capacity-building strategies for those marginalized by the competitive, profit-seeking forces of capitalism. no easy answers are offered, but many exciting initiatives with great potential are described and critically evaluated.