Jonathon W. Moses

Jonathon W. Moses earned his PhD from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). His research interests concern the impact of global economic integration on political sovereignty at various levels. In addition, he is currently editor of “Theory and Science” as well as a co-chair and co-convener of the European Consortium of Political Research’s Standing Group on Political Methodology.

  • International Migration

    Globalization’s Last Frontier

    By Jonathon W. Moses     January 2006

    Abolish border controls? Let in large numbers of immigrants? Can this author can be serious? That may be the immediate response to this book’s evidence in favour of getting rid of costly, often inhumane and only partially effective barriers. Jonathon Moses puts the arguments in favour of free mobility, and counters those against. His conclusions are clear and profound: free international migration can lessen the huge inequalities and injustices of globalization.