John M. Kirk

JOHN M. KIRK is professor of Latin American studies at Dalhousie University.

  • Jose Marti

    Mentor of the Cuban Revolution

    By John M. Kirk     January 2012

    In 1953, Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro stated that the “intellectual author” of his revolution was the nineteenth-century writer and revolutionary José Martí. An advocate of social justice, economic democracy and anti-imperialism, Martí wrote extensively about the future of a “Cuba libre,” freed from Spain’s rule, and is celebrated as one of Latin America’s most important thinkers. Based on a detailed analysis of the twenty-five volumes of his complete works, José Martí studies the nature of this Cuban writer/revolutionary and examines the depth and breadth of Martí’s thought on society, economics, politics and morality. This book also investigates the uses and abuses of Martí as a political symbol by those who claim to espouse his ideas. In this insightful, balanced analysis, John M. Kirk argues that Martí’s political thought was remarkably advanced – and still holds tremendous relevance for the modern era.