Jocelyn Proulx

Dr. Jocelyn Proulx has a Ph.D. in psychology and her areas of research include: family violence offenders, Aboriginal issues and family violence, child sexual and physical abuse, and dating violence. Dr. Proulx has worked as a research associate with RESOLVE since 1994. She has been involved in several program evaluations including the Healthy Relationships program on dating violence prevention and the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Family Violence Program Stony Mountain Project. She has constructed manuals for workshop and program delivery and has provided consultative and research services to community agencies. In addition to working at RESOLVE, Dr. Proulx teaches various courses in psychology.

  • No Place for Violence

    Canadian Aboriginal Alternatives

    Edited by Sharon Perrault and Jocelyn Proulx     January 2000

    Family violence has become an issue of significant concern within the Aboriginal community. One of the unique aspects of family violence within this community is its link to the history of colonization. This volume presents a number of studies on the effects of colonization, the need for programming specific to and by Aboriginal people and the efforts made by the Aboriginal community to meet that need. The success and respect that these projects have elicited from the community will build confidence and pave the way for their development and the pursuit of alternative approaches to family violence prevention in the Aboriginal community.