Joanne Naiman

Ryerson University

Joanne Naiman is Professor Emerita of Sociology at Ryerson University in Toronto. During her thirty-three years there she taught a variety of undergraduate courses — urban sociology, women’s studies, social change, and gender roles, in addition to introductory sociology. Outside the classroom she has long been involved in activist organizations focusing on social justice, equality, and peace.

  • How Societies Work, 5th Edition

    Class, Power, and Change

    By Joanne Naiman     March 2012

    In 2011, protesters around the world – including Canada – called for changes to the societies in which they live. Many observers were asking: “What do they want?” Some answers to this question can be found in How Societies Work, a unique and accessible introductory sociology textbook that introduces students to the structure of contemporary societies and the power relationships within them. In contrast to most introductory textbooks, How Societies Work explores a broad range of sociological concepts and theories while simultaneously creating a coherent picture of modern societies. Drawing on fields as diverse as anthropology, genetics, economics, social psychology, history and politics, this innovative and popular text looks at both the roots of modern societies and the current structures within them. This approach helps undergraduate students make sense of our complex social world and encourages them to connect the social world to their own lived experiences.