Gayle MacDonald

St. Thomas University

Gayle MacDonald is a professor of sociology at St. Thomas University. Her areas of research are sex work, social legal studies, social contrl and deviance. Her publications include Sex Workers in the maritimes Talk Back (with Leslie Jeffery), Feminism, Law, Inclusion: Intersectionality in Action (ed. with Rachel Osborne and Charles Smith), and Social Context and Social Location in the Sociology of Law.

  • Victim No More

    Women’s Resistance to Law, Culture and Power

    Edited by Ellen Faulkner and Gayle MacDonald     March 2009

    This book challenges the idea that women are simply victims. It celebrates women’s resistance. It explores the moments beyond victimization. It argues that women do not stay crushed and broken, but move on, build and grow. The contributors to this edited edition celebrate the various forms of resistance: political resistance at both the collective and individual levels, legal resistance and resistance to cultural forms and labels. The editors argue that “Women-as-victim is not an emancipatory cry that encourages all women to join efforts in combating patriarchy. It is, at its core, highly analogous to the right-wing, conservative agendas that keep women politically passive, smiling stewards of male futures, still adhering to ‘men’s way’ in the boardroom and the bedroom.”