Emily van der Meulen

Emily van der Meulen is an associate professor in the Department of Criminology at Ryerson University. Her co-edited books include Red Light Labour: Sex Work Regulation, Agency, and Resistance and Expanding the Gaze: Gender and the Politics of Surveillance.

  • From Suffragette to Homesteader

    Exploring British and Canadian Colonial Histories and Women’s Politics through Memoir

    Edited by Emily van der Meulen     September 2018

    From Suffragette to Homesteader is a unique story of social justice advocacy, women’s and feminist histories, struggles for gender equality, and the farmworker and homesteader experience, while also being a story of the British Empire, race and class, colonialism and imperialism, and Indigenous/settler relations.

  • Gender, Law & Justice

    Compiled by Emily van der Meulen     August 2016

    A custom text book compiled from previously published Fernwood material intended for courses focusing on gender and criminal justice studies.