Elizabeth McGibbon

Elizabeth McGibbon is a professor in the Faculty of Science at St. Francis Xavier University. Her publications describe how public policy created oppression deepens disadvantage and heightens privilege to create and sustain intergenerational health damage. An invited author in eight multiple edition books about critical applications in health, she authored (with Josephine Etowa) the first Canadian book to tackle health care racism: Anti-Racist Health Care Practice.

  • Oppression

    A Social Determinant of Health, 2nd Edition

    By Elizabeth McGibbon     April 2021

    This book provides clear and solution-focused evidence about how public policy–created oppression gets “under the skin” to threaten health, increase health inequities and cause early death.

  • Oppression.

    A Social Determinant of Health

    Edited by Elizabeth McGibbon     February 2012

    Oppression and health are intricately connected. A recent emphasis on the social determinants of health has focused attention on the “causes of the causes” of ill health, including systemic forces such as capitalism, globalization, imperialism, medicalization, neo-colonialism and neoliberalism. If we are to change the oppressive practices that cause ill health our analysis must consistently and explicitly integrate these systemic forces and thus reframe growing health inequities within the scope of moral responsibility and social justice. The internationally recognized authors of this book do just this. An important addition to the relatively new field of critical health studies, Oppression is an integration of critical social scientific perspectives and health systems/health sciences knowledge. The goal of the book is to support, enhance and provoke action to interrogate the progress of oppression. It can be done, and it is being done.