Edward Kruk

Edward Kruk is an associate professor of social work at University of British Columbia. He is the author of Meditation and Conflict in Social Work and Human Services (1997) and Divorce and Disengagement: Patterns of Fatherhood Within and Beyond Marriage (1993).

  • Divorced Fathers

    Children’s Needs and Parental Responsibilities

    By Edward Kruk     February 2011

    Once mainly breadwinners and disciplinarians, fathers are becoming increasingly involved and invested in their children’s lives. Edward Kruk examines how this changing role has affected fathers’ experiences of divorce and the loss of children that too often follows. This book offers a glimpse into the emotional loss that fathers suffer and their perspectives on what is best for their children in the divorce transition. Ultimately, Kruk argues, children benefit most from the love and support of both parents, and we need to ensure that fathers continue to play a meaningful parenting role after divorce.

  • Divorce and Disengagement

    Patterns of Fatherhood Within and Beyond Marriage

    By Edward Kruk     January 1993

    This book’s purpose is to better portray divorced fatherhood and to provide family practitioners and policy-makers with an empirically-based understanding of the impact of divorce on non-custodial fathers, and of fathers’ disengagement from their children after divorce.