Doug Smith

DOUG SMITH is a Winnipeg writer and author of numerous books on political and social issues including Stickin’ to the Union: Local 2224 versus John Buhler, As Many Liars: The Story of the 1995 Manitoba Vote-Splitting Scandal, and Joe Zuken: Citizen and Socialist. He has written for This Magazine, Maclean’s and the Winnipeg Sun and produced many CBC radio documentaries.

Doug Smith has written extensively on Manitoba labour and political history and is the author of Consulted To Death: How Canada’s Workplace Health and Safety System Fails Workers and As Many Liars: The Story of the 1995 Manitoba Vote-Rigging Scandal. He has also produced documentaries for the CBC Radio program, Ideas, and worked as an editorial consultant on a number of public inquiries in Manitoba

  • Big Death

    Funeral Planning in the Age of Corporate Deathcare

    By Doug Smith     January 2007

    Over the last twenty years the corporate death “care” industry, has taken over Canada’s funerals and funeral planning, in preparation for the Golden Age of Death in North America, which will commence in 2016, when the first baby boomer turns seventy.

  • Stickin’ to the Union

    Local 2224 vs. John Buhler

    By Doug Smith     December 2003

    Stickin’ to the Union tells the story of the nine-month battle that the workers at Versatile Industries fought with their employer, the eccentric millionaire John Buhler, in the winter of 2001. Buhler, who had just bought the Versatile tractor plant with a $32-million government loan, provoked a strike by demanding a gutting of benefits and seniority provisions in the union contract. The union surprised all by charging Buhler with bargaining in bad faith and won a $6-million dollar labour-board victory.