Diane Hiebert-Murphy

University of Manitoba

Diane Hiebert-Murphy received her PhD from the University of Manitoba in 1995. She is now an Associate Professor. Her area of specialization is in family violence and her research interests include: partner violence/abuse, therapy with couples with a history of violence, family-centered practice in childhood disability services, and community-based prevention of anxiety in children. Her recent publications include Pieces of a Puzzle (co-edited with Linda Burnside), along with several articles published in journals such as Child and Family Social Work, Medical Science Monitor, and Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

  • Pieces of a Puzzle

    Perspectives on Child Sexual Abuse

    Edited by Linda Burnside and Diane Hiebert-Murphy     January 2001

    This collection presents various “pieces” towards a comprehensive understanding of child sexual abuse and is intended for practitioners, researchers and students interested in contemporary perspectives on this issue. The volume offers a description of current Canadian research and intervention efforts on topics including treatment for child victims, understanding mothers of children who have been sexually abused, grooming patterns of offenders, a family systems approach to treatment, criminal prosecution in child sexual abuse cases and the use of community notification programs. The value of multiple perspectives and the need to work collaboratively to address the challenges of child sexual abuse are strongly emphasized. Second in the Hurting and Healing Series on intimate violence from RESOLVE and Fernwood.

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