Diane Crocker

Saint Mary’s University

Diane Crocker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology at Saint Mary’s University. She is interested broadly in the criminalization of social problems and has focused research mainly issues relating to violence against women. Over the years Diane has been involved in several agencies dealing with problems of violence and poverty including the Community Services Council in St. John’s and the North End Community Health Centre in Halifax. Her current research involves a partnership between academic research, government and non-governmental agencies exploring the principles and practices of restorative justice.

  • Poverty, Regulation & Social Justice

    Readings on the Criminalization of Poverty

    Edited by Diane Crocker and Val Marie Johnson     April 2010

    Emerging from a public colloquium on the criminalization of poverty, this volume critically interrogates how state and private practices have increasingly come to over-regulate people with severely limited economic resources, and understands this regulation as part of the dynamics of liberal capitalism. Exploring issues such as homelessness, social assistance and single mothers, and written from a diversity of perspectives from academics to frontline workers, policy-makers and those affected first hand by these practices, this book aims to help readers imagine a more compassionate future.